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Translation language

Some sources are available in other languages than English.

Grammar checker


The search term can be a regular expression.

In addition to the usual regular expression syntax, the following codes can be used:

@VeMatches all Klingon verb roots
@VTMatches Klingon transitive verb roots
@VIMatches Klingon intransitive verb roots (incl. stative verbs)
@VAMatches Klingon stative (adjective) verb roots
@VPMatches Klingon verb prefixes, includes a word-boundary at the beginning
@VMMatches Klingon imperative verb prefixes, includes a word-boundary at the beginning
@VXMatches Klingon verb suffixes
@V1, ..., @V9, @VRMatches verb suffixes in a specific class
@NoMatches Klingon noun roots
@NXMatches Klingon noun suffixes
@N1, ..., @N5Matches noun suffixes in a specific class
@KiMatches Klingon letters (consonants and vowels)
@KoMatches Klingon consonants
@VoMatches Klingon vowels
@SrMatches to word boundaries (\b doesn't work)


SumMatches words like Sum, bISum, Sumob, etc.
@SrSum@SrMatches Sum exactly
Sum(?!@Vo)Matches words like Sum ja bISum, but not to Sumob
@VPSum@VX+Matches words like bISumqu' that have prefix and at least one suffix
(?<=@Sr'e' )@VP?@Ve@VX*@V7Matches verbs that have an aspect suffix and that are preceded by 'e' (a construct forbidden in TKD)
@VP?@VeghachMatches verbs that have only the ghach suffix (a "bad" construct)

Built-in Dictionary

There is a built-in dictionary on this web page. Click on a word to see its translation. The translations are from the boQwI' dictionary.

Grammar check (BETA)

Sources have been checked for common grammar errors (but not typos). The grammar checker is experimental and may make mistakes. Use your own judgement when deciding if a source is correct or not.

You can enable the checker in the search settings.