About the Corpus

This site contains a large corpus of Klingon text, to a total of approximately 470,000 words. The inspiration was Tekstaro de Esperanto. Most of the Okrandian Canon is included, but the Canon sentences in English language books (like TKD, KGT) and email conversations are not included yet. (For those texts I recommend the Klingonska Akademien's Archive of Okrandian Canon.)

Below is a list of the sources ordered by their size. The color codes are:

Chart of sources Chart of canon and non-canon Chart of source publishment years

Timeline of the sources

Chart of authors

The chart of authors is approximate.


Most common graphemes Most common prefixes Most common suffixes

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The administrator of this site can be contacted via fergusq+kc@kaivos.org.

This website is a project of the Finnish Klingon Language Society.

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